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Hamilton Rentals asset management divison customers are diverse and range widely both in size and industry.

Asset Management

The Client - National Office Equipment and Office Supplies Company

The Requirement - Following the acquisition of two new sites there was a pressing need to get to grips with the hardware and software that was in situ. This was needed in order to establish the current asset base and the relative licensing position of their new acquisition.

The Solution - Hamilton were able to perform a physical audit of both sites using hand-held PDA’s feeding information into a bespoke database. At the same time Hamilton were able to run a scan across the network of both sites identifying both hardware and software. As part of the service, Hamilton delivered a report where both the physical audit as well as the electronic scan results were brought together to form one cohesive asset inventory.

The Outcome - This project highlighted to the client that not only did they own physical assets that they were unaware of, but they were also under-licensed and therefore had exposure regarding licensing compliance. By engaging with Hamilton they have been able to address the compliance issues and are now talking to Hamilton about ongoing Asset Management across their whole estate.

Remarketing Services

The Client - Leading International IT Company

The Requirement - In dealing with one of their clients this customer had a disposal requirement for a large quantity of Cisco equipment. Having explored their historical routes of disposition, they felt that they were somehow not receiving best value. It was with this in mind that they approached Hamilton Rentals.

The Solution - Hamilton were able to utilise their expertise and experience to identify a customer who could deliver to the customer’s value expectation.

The Outcome - Having initially been offered circa £70k, Hamilton were able to deliver £117k. This has led to continued trading with Hamilton as a preferred disposition route.

End of Life Asset Management

The Client - A large UK based Telecommunications Company

The Requirement - The customer was looking to remove large volumes of surplus IT storage and server equipment from its data centres, ensuring that all equipment was disposed of in compliance with the Data Protection Act and the WEEE Regulations, whilst at the same time minimising the cost of the project.

The Solution - Hamilton provided a solution that removed all the equipment from the data centres, transported it to Hamilton’s Sunbury facility, processed the equipment including CESG approved data cleansing and captured data for each individual asset using both Hamilton and customer asset tags. The processed equipment was then sold utilising Hamilton’s specialist asset remarketing team with the value gained used to offset the collection, auditing and processing costs.

The Outcome - The project was highly successful, removing all surplus IT equipment, adhering to environmental and data protection standards, providing all relevant reports and certification and reducing the customer’s disposal costs significantly.

Data Center Removal

The Client - A leading Systems Integrator working in partnership with an International Bank

The Requirement - The removal of 3 data centres with included 200 servers and 20 racks.

The Solution - The equipment was deinstalled and removed from all 3 sites in a single day, combining logistics resource thus reducing the cost for the customer. Equipment returned to Hamilton’s facility where it was processed, data cleansed,recycled and remarketed generating a return for the customer.

The Outcome - The project was very successful the Systems Integrator has now made Hamilton Rentals their preferred supplier of IT asset disposal and onsite data destruction services.


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