Hamilton’s Live Asset Management service is designed to maximise the functionality of all IT assets currently used by the customer and can be used to:

Hamilton’s Live Asset Management services seek to optimise the usage of all IT assets currently in use by the customer, whether hardware, software or virtual systems. This can help to manage and measure IT operations and initiatives and improve how IT assets are allocated throughout the business. Correct IT Asset Management can also be used to identify and mitigate risk, as well ensuring maintenance is carried out and costs are kept low.

Hamilton’s Live Asset Management services offer a full inventory of all your IT assets and includes outlining any current and future regulatory compliance obligations, any legal obligations such as software licensing . Failure to have the correct licences for software products can lead to the company being prosecuted and heavily fined under copyright law. This means that maintaining correct software licensing is an essential requirement for any business and this can be achieved through Hamilton’s Live Asset Management service.

Live Asset Management business practices are process-driven and evolved through continuous specific improvements. Most successful Live Asset Management programs are invasive to the organization, involving everyone to some extent, such as end users (educating on compliance), budget managers (redeployment as a choice), IT service departments (providing information on warranties), and finance (invoice reconciliation, updates for fixed asset inventories).

Hamilton’s Live Asset Management services generally uses automation to manage the discovery of assets, so inventory can be compared to ownership information..


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