Hamilton’s Asset Management services enable customers to:

IT asset management
Asset management is a term which can be interpreted in many different ways. Hamilton’s Asset Management service offers full lifecycle asset management from the installation of IT assets through to their eventual disposal. This process can handle assets throughout their life, enabling customers to optimise the use of their assets.

In addition to maximising an assets performance, the service also manages and maintains any costs and risks associated with IT assets such as the under or over-licensing of software products. Asset Management is more than just a service a company can acquire, but rather a discipline to be followed in order to ensure all assets fulfil their maximum potential.

Hamilton Rentals break down their asset management into two separate areas:

  • Live Asset Management This involves services that occur during an assets useable life (for the customer) such as implementation, asset tracking, inventory taking, software asset management.
  • End of Life Asset Management This relates to all services relating to the disposal of IT assets which are deemed surplus to requirements by the customer (new or used). This includes IT remarketing and recycling in line with the WEEE Regulations.

    Why Use Hamilton?

    • Full lifecycle asset management service enabling customers to utilise one provider from installation through to disposal.
    • Fast, accurate and low-risk inventory taking, gathering comprehensive IT information without the need for software agents and without the need for administrative access for business systems.
    • Comprehensive service covering IT hardware, software and virtual systems.
    • Over 45 years experience in asset tracking, including currently managing their own estate of approximately 38,000 assets.
    • Expert remarketing team enabling customers to maximise the value of equipment discovered to be surplus to requirements.
    • Fully certified disposal service for end of life IT assets. This includes environmental disposal in full compliance with the WEEE Regulations (formerly the WEEE Directive) and data disposal (on or off site) in full compliance with the data protection act.


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