Data Center and Server Relocation

Data Centre relocation is often seen as a logistical nightmare, which consumes valuable time and resources. The key to outstanding execution is to let the logistical side of the plan be handled by the experts.

data center relocation
Hamilton Rentals asset management divison has wealth of experience an expertise with IT migration and server and storage relocation. Our data center relocation and installation service gives our customers the ability to:

Hamilton Rentals asset management divison have built their business on 45 years of expertise in enterprise level logistics and asset tracking, in addition they have the facility to provide the necessary rental equipment and the means of reselling or disposing of redundant equipment, providing a one stop solution

Hamilton Rentals asset management divison provide a range of services that allows their customers to fulfill all their own specific requirements relating to a Data Centre Relocation safe in the knowledge that they will then have the support and expertise of Hamilton Rentals to ensure that it is executed on time and within budget

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