Founded in 1962, Hamilton’s core business for over 45 years has been the provision of short term technology rental services.

Hamilton Rentals asset management divison

Hamilton Rentals is today Europe’s leading IT and AV rental firm, having established a reputation for excellence through the delivery of quality services with flexibility and innovation, which are tailored to individual customers’ requirements.

With a loyal client base across the private and public sector Hamilton counts many Blue Chip companies among it’s customers. Their suppliers and business partners including HP, Sun, IBM and Microsoft, constitute ‘best of breed’ in keeping with their quality brand.

It is the combination of flexibility, quality and trust that encourages Hamilton customers and suppliers to approach them time and again to discuss solutions to specific financial and logistical business needs. Several similar requests led Hamilton to develop the Asset Management Service, providing services including environmental disposal, equipment resale, data erasure and destruction, data centre relocation and secure storage.

This new separate division of the business was formally established in late 2008 on the principle of delivering a high quality service and fresh approach to the Asset Management market using Hamilton’s existing expertise in key areas such as data security, data centre technology, asset tracking, asset disposal and logistics. This fresh approach has already been highly successful and Hamilton Rentals asset management divison can already count among its customers a number of Blue Chip companies.